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Friday, May 25, 2018
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After retirement, one woman finds a labor of love

Carol Seaman stroked a black cat as it sat perched high inside one of several enclosures at the Humane Society of Pinellas and talked about falling in love.

"What I do most days is go around and check in, making sure everybodyís here, everybodyís where they belong," she said.

And by everybody, she means the cats.

Seaman, 78, has been volunteering several days a week at the Humane Society for the last 12 years. Sheís retired from Pinellas County, where she worked as an assistant director of community development.

"I started working with the cats, and I fell in love with them," Seaman said. "And Iíve been with them ever since."

The shelter currently has about 50 cats, and Seaman is in charge of making sure they are all accounted for.

On a recent Monday morning, she made her way between enclosures while checking a list she carries in a small waist bag. She wore a blue T-shirt with "Volunteer" printed across the back.

She talked about how much she misses the cats when they find a home and leave.

But then again, she said, "thatís what weíre all about."

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