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Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
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Thirsty goalkeeper gifts opponents equalizer in Germany

A thirsty goalkeeper chose the wrong time to have a drink during a second-tier soccer game in Germany on Saturday
Updated: 6 hours ago
French customs officials find stolen Degas in luggage on bus

French customs officials find stolen Degas in luggage on bus

French customs officers have found an impressionist painting by Edgar Degas stowed on a bus, more than eight years after it was reported stolen
Published: 02/23/18

Oklahoma City receives rare lake effect snow from storm

Oklahoma City, meet the Great Lakes. A weather event known as lake effect snow that's common in the upper Midwest and northeastern U.S., made a rare appearance at Oklahoma City's Lake Hefner on Wednesday.
Published: 02/22/18

Student calls 911 from school, says he was sleepwalking

A Pennsylvania middle school canceled classes after a student who said he was sleepwalking was found inside the building
Published: 02/22/18

Yuck: Bank staff sick of hawk scarfing pigeons at their door

The feeding habits of a Cooper's hawk may fascinate birdwatchers, but employees of an upstate New York bank are fed up with the feathery remnants of slaughtered pigeons at their doorstep
Published: 02/21/18

Got skunks in your home? Don't use a smoke bomb

Authorities: Man burns down home trying to use smoke bomb to rid a crawlspace of skunks
Published: 02/21/18

Massachusetts transit bosses under fire for $100K bathroom

Massachusetts transportation officials are under fire for authorizing a no-bid contract for a tiny, $100,000 bathroom inside a state office building
Published: 02/21/18

Runaway cow defends its freedom in Poland

A local governor in Poland says a cow that escaped while being taken to a slaughterhouse is still avoiding capture even though the order to kill it has been canceled
Published: 02/21/18

Nothing to see here! Police clear T-Rex walking student

Police in a Philadelphia suburb received an unusual report about a dinosaur on the loose
Published: 02/21/18

Bicyclist blames Waze for directing him into Lincoln Tunnel

A New York City bicyclist delivering Chinese food is blaming the Waze navigation app for directing him into the busy Lincoln Tunnel, where bikes are banned
Published: 02/21/18